The Myth and Facts of Kailash Temple

8 months ago

Located in the western region of Maharashtra, the Ellora caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and include monuments dating… Read More

Multiverse Parallel universe proof in Hindu Mythology

Fan of fiction like us?  Do you also get thrilled after watching movies and reading books on multiverse , and… Read More

8 months ago

Does Santa Exist, Who is Santa Claus ?

Do you believe in the magic of Christmas as we do and are you excited to see Santa? So hop… Read More

12 months ago

The Cursed God – Brahma

We always hear about people getting cursed, the cursed spirit etc. According to Wikipedia "A curse is a solemn utterance… Read More

12 months ago

How did the month get its name? Month name origins

Months, weeks, days Years – Time has been measured and marked in different ways around the globe, so do you… Read More

1 year ago

Do you know how Hercules died?

We all have watched Hercules , The animated series and few must have played the game too. Dwayne Johnson(The Rock)… Read More

1 year ago

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

The word Halloween is derived from “All Hallows’ Eve”.  All Hallows’ eve is the eve before the Christian feast of… Read More

3 years ago

6 Most Cursed Indian Diamonds

Every civilization has lore about the diamond, most of them seeing it as a symbol of strength and endurance. In… Read More

4 years ago

Why You Should Avoid Multitasking?

Human multitasking refers to the execution of more than one task by an individual at the same time. The term… Read More

4 years ago

Agartha – The Hollow Earth Theory and Mythology

Establishing and determining a factual geophysical model of planet Earth's interior has been a considerable challenge. Giver our rapid technological… Read More

4 years ago

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