Agartha – The Hollow Earth Theory and Mythology

Agatha The hollow Earth Agartha - The Hollow Earth Theory and Mythology

Establishing and determining a factual geophysical model of planet Earth’s interior has been a considerable challenge. Giver our rapid technological advancements one would think that determining the makeup of the Earth’s core would be something simple but it’s not as the Earth’s core is the most inaccessible part of our planet and we have only penetrated about 8 miles out of the approximate 4000 that it takes to reach the core.

hollowearthschematic Agartha - The Hollow Earth Theory and Mythology
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What is Agartha –

Agartha is an ancient mythological city which is said to be located in the earth’s core. This city is also known by different names i.e. Agartta, Agharti, Agarta or Agarttha. It is related to the Hollow Earth theory and is a popular subject in Esotericism. Shamballa or Shambalah or Shangri-La is sometimes said to be its capital city.

The mythical paradise of Shamballa is known under many different names: It has been called the Forbidden Land, the Land of Whitewater, the Land of Radiant Spirits, the Land of Living Fire, the Land of Living Gods and the Land of Wonders.

Hollow Earth map Agartha - The Hollow Earth Theory and Mythology

The myth of Agartha

Central Asian Buddhist spoke but in muted tones about the kingdom of Agartha. Stories of civilization that live in the hollow earth were passed from family to family for one generation to another before writing instruments facilitated memory. Agartha was known as a heaven for the population vanished continents. It was considered as a centre of intellectual progress and enlightenment.

Agartha is frequently associated or confused with Shamballa, which sometimes known as its capital city, and sometimes figures prominently in Vajrayana Buddhist and Tibetan Kalachakra.

There are myths and legends from all around the world that has seemed to indicate the existence of a world inside the earth. Some of them are as follows-

People of Amazon

People of Amazon Agartha - The Hollow Earth Theory and Mythology
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According to the legends Indigenous people who live in the Amazon  are the descendants of the sons children the creator of fire and disease and the protectors of the Inner Earth. Their oral legends speak of an entrance into earth. They would enter some sort of cavern and travel from 13 to 15 days until they reach the interior a whole separate world where Giants live. According to them this place is full of jewells and advanced technology.

The Green Children of Woolpit

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The children of Woolpit is in ancient accounts recorded by two 12th century chroniclers which tell of two children that appeared on the edge of a field in the village of Woolpit in England. The two children a young girl and a young boy had greenish skin, their clothes were made from unfamiliar materials and they spoke in unknown language.

The children would not eat any food presented to them but appeared starving. Eventually the villagers brought recently harvested beans which the children devoured. They survived only on beans for many months until they acquired a taste for bread.

Later the children became sick and the boy died but the girl recovered and over the years came to learn English and eventually her greenish skin colour faded away. She relays the story of their origins saying they came from a place known as st. Martin’s land which had no sun but existed in an atmosphere of permanent Twilight and where the people lived underground and were graying like them.

She said her and her brother were looking after her father’s flog when they came upon a cave, they entered the cave and wandered through the darkness for a long time until they came out the other side entering into bright sunlight which they’d never seen before.

It was then that they were found by the villagers while some view the story as nothing more than a folk tale that describes an imaginary encounter with inhabitants of another world beneath our feet were even aliens others accepted as a real but somewhat altered accounts of a historical event.

Indian Mythology –

Lord Vishnu’s purusha avatar. The legs of the god Vishnu depict earth and the seven realms of Patala. The feet rest on Shesha.Shesha is know as the snake which acts as the base for earth.
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According to Hindu Mythology the hollow earth is known as Patala (pronounced as Paataal) or Naga-Loka (Snakes World). It is divided into 7 different layers (as mentioned in ancient Hindu literature Vishnu Purana and  Bhagvata Purana ) located 70,000 yojanas (measurement unit in Vishnu Purana). Each of the layers are ruled by different demons and Nagas (Snakes).  The seven layers are known as follows Atala, Vitala, Nitala, Garbhastimat, Mahatala, Sutala and Patala.

Scientist’s theory and existence of Agartha in Modern world

Theory by Edmund Halley

Edmund Halley
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Edmund Halley was an English scientist who is best known for predicting the orbits of the comet that was later named after him. Halley noticed that the Earth’s magnetic field is rather unpredictable with its lines shifting from year to year. Halley believes that the Earth’s hollowness is to blame, According to Halley we’re standing on the outermost shell with three more concentric shells within and as the poles of these inner shells that throw off our magnetic field, he suggested that each sphere was capable of supporting life because each sphere was bathed with lights from the atmosphere that filled each of the inner spaces.

Edmund Halley's Hollow Earth
In 1692 Edmund Halley published a paper titled – An account of the cause of the change of the variation of the magnetic needle with an hypothesis of the structure of the internal parts of the earth

Real life experience by Honoured U.S. Navy personal

Admiral Richard Byrd
Admiral Richard Byrd (Image Source: Internet)

Navy Admiral Richard Byrd the Hollow Earth theory garnered more momentum in the 1940s when Admiral Richard Byrd supposedly journeyed into the earth. Byrd was a Medal of Honour recipient one of the highest-ranking officers in U.S. Navy and he was the first person to fly over the South Pole. Byrd recounted that when he flew directly over the North Pole he noticed an opening in the top. His diary describes his adventure into the opening where he saw lakes rivers green vegetation and even a living mammoth.

Byrd claims to have been greeted by a flying machine and says this was when he first interacted with beings that existed in a place that is known to many as Agartha. Byrd said that the beings told him they were concerned with the developments of nuclear weapons and the overall well-being of the planet based on how humidity was affecting it.

Nazi’s search of Agartha

Nazi Antartica Map for Asgard and Agartha
Nazi Antartica Map for Asgard and Agartha
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Another interesting piece of information we found floating up there was a supposed map created by the Nazis that shows several secret passages which were used to access mysterious underground regions. A letter from a Nazi u-boat crew member named Karl Unger who wrote letters in 1947 stating that the crew had reached the interior of the earth and that they did not consider coming back.

Nazi letter document for hollow earth
Forwarded letter of Karl Uger (boot U-209)

The core text translation of the above image is

“Dear Old Commrade!

This news will be a surprise for you. The U 209 Unterseeboot made it!!! The Earth is Hollow!! Dr. Haushfoer and Hess were right. The whole crew is well, but they can not come back, we are no prisoners.

I am sure, this news will reach you, it is the last connection with the U Boote 209. We will meet again Commrade. I am worried for everyone who has to spend his life on the surface of the Earth since the Fuhrer is gone. God Bless our Germany always.”

Well who knows that Hitler also went to Agartha after war and stayed there for rest of his life. Who know government agencies knows about it but hiding from us.

We can not come to any conclusion but that would be adventurous if we get there.

Thank you for reading.

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