Real Story of Disney princesses which doesn’t have a happy ending

Untold story of Disney princess Real Story of Disney princesses which doesn't have a happy ending

Almost everyone  read and watched the story of Cinderella and Rapunzel but not the actual story. Not every story have a happy ending as shown by Disney. In this article we will talk about the real story of Cinderella and Rapunzel.


 Another Disney movie, released in 1950, the films main character is Cinderella, She is an aristocrat who is bossed cinderella-and-fairy-godmotheraround by her step mother and step sisters, she tends to all their needs meanwhile a grand duke is setting up a grand ball in order to try to find his son by the name of prince charming a companion. Cinderella asks her stepmother if she can attend the ball, she agrees but only if she finishes her chores and finds nice clothes to wear. She then goes searching around the house for something to wear as she is about the give up hope her fairy godmother appears, waves her magic wand and presents Cinderella with an outstanding outfit for the ball. Cinderella makes her way to the ball but must be home before midnight, when she arrives ,she sees the prince and its love at first sight. They then dance but time slips away and Cinderella rushes home as its close to midnight, in her hurry she loses one of her glass slippers. The prince then takes the slipper and makes his way to Cinderella’s house. The step sisters then try on the slipper but they don’t fit. This is until Cinderella puts it on and it fits perfect. Her and the prince then get married and lived happily ever after. That was the Disney version,
In the Grimm’s fairy tales version the step sisters amputate their toes and mutilate parts of their feet in order to try force on the slipper also during the wedding it gets even more disturbing, Cinderella orders that her sisters eyes be peaked out by angry birds.


repenzulReleased in 2010 this Walt Disney fil is based upon Rapunzel, Rapunzel was born to a queen but was kidnapped after birth by a woman called Gothel. Gothel took her as she found out that Rapunzel hair has magical healing properties which help retain youth. She also locks Rapunzel away in a tower but all she wants to do is be adventurous. Shortly after a thief discovers the tower and helps Rapunzel escape they then fall in love and she finds out that she is a princess and they lived happily ever after. Well that the case in the Disney version.
However in the original fairy tale of Rapunzel it goes a little bit like this
Gothel tricks the thief into climbing up the tower by cutting off Rapunzel’s hair and dangles it out the window for him to climb up it but when he makes it to the top he notices that he has been tricked, leaps off the tower and lands face first onto a bed of thorns which blinds him, no happy ending…just a blind thief.