Minions were real and they worked for Hitler

Untitled 1 Minions were real and they worked for Hitler

3Despicable me (2010) an animated movie by universal pictures and illumination entertainment. Shows a super Villain character named Gru and his minions.
Have a look on the character of minions – They are yellow, little creatures who speak in high pitched tones and lived to serve but always find themselves working for a series of unsuccessful masters(as per movie The Minions).


The Real minions – The rumor believed to show Jewish kids in outfits before2 they were placed in gas chambers by
the Nazi’s during the holocaust. During Holocaust Nazi’s performed cruel experiments on thousands of children, this is also tied into the idea that the minions were based on the children during the experiments the children would plead for help and scream but as the did not speak the same language as the Nazi doctors, they would be laughed at by them as they found their whining funny. This is believed to be why the minions speak in a high pitched voice in the movies. after the rumor sparked many people claimed it was a hoax and said the picture simply showed deep sea divers. But others believed the rumor was real. This included many news stations, some went as far as says the movie is a push by Hollywood and the Government in order for us to accept modern day Nazism others said the resemblance of the minions in the picture is too close to be a coincidence. Whether the rumor is real or not who knows except the writers.

Either believe it or not it’s up to you but to create such creative characters obviously artists needs some kind of inspirations, resource using which he can apply his imaginations. So it’s not a big deal if they copied from somewhere that’s all we can say.

The animated minions have actually stolen the hearts of its viewers and made them their die-hard fans. There are many interesting stories you would like to know. Don’t forget to hit subscribe. Also you can follow us on our social media pages for daily fun stuffs.