Multiverse Parallel universe proof in Hindu Mythology

parallel Multiverse Parallel universe proof in Hindu Mythology

Fan of fiction like us?  Do you also get thrilled after watching movies and reading books on multiverse , and if Yes then it is certain that you might get mesmerized by the notion of parallel Universe while watching the “Upside Down” of Netflix’s Stranger Things and its concept of a parallel universe got you curious to know more if it actually exists or is there any proofs of it? So here we are to clear all your concepts in blink of an eye! Let’s get into a whole new world or a new universe of our Indian mythology which says it all!

The multiverse is different from parallel Universe?

As per the most famous theory of Many-worlds Interpretation, Multiverse is a collection of many universes, also we find the mentions of the same in Hindu mythology where these are named as Dev lok , Patal lok , Prithvi lok and Yama lok  and all these universes makes a collective World called as Multiverse , And On the other hand if we describe Parallel universe, We can  say that everything that exists in the known world: the entirety of space, matter, energy  and Time as well as the physical laws and constants that describe them can exist alongside in a Parallel universe.

Indian Mythology has it all!!

Idea of Parallel universes is entirely natural in our Indian traditions.  In the Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita, The Lord Krishna has offered glimpse and knowledge to his disciple Arjun about multiple cosmic creations as different universes are located in different part of the cosmic body of Lord Krishna.

Ramayana the Sanskrit epic of ancient India shares an interesting story of Rama and hanuman, where Ram’s Incarnation period was about to get over and he called Yama (lord of death) to fetch him, but Yama was unable to do that as Lord Hanuman was guarding the gate of Ayodhya (Rama’s Place) and would not let Yama enter as Hanuman was committed to keep death away from his lord.

But as Rama knew that things has to move on and one day he dropped his ring in a crack on the face of earth and asked Hanuman to bring it back , and with his powers Hanuman shrunk in size and followed the crack till Patal lok or Nag lok and then met King of snakes “Vasuki “ who knew the cycle of life and death and took hanuman to the mountain of rings where hanuman realized that all of those rings were of lord Rama and asked Vasuki about the mysterious series of events.

Then Vasuki explained that each ring represents Kaal chakra (cycle of time) which has four Quadrants and Ram is incarnated in Treta Yug  and then one day ring will fall in Patal lok and a monkey will come in search of the ring and up there Rama will die. 

So there are millions of billions of these Kaal chakra’s which have come across multiple parallel universes and Ram would die and take birth end number of times but the cycle never breaks and repeat itself again and again.

Hanuman then got to know about the motive of Lord Rama to let him know about his several incarnations in different universes, So that he would let him go with Yama to die and to take birth again.

More about macrocosms

Different Upanishads like Paingala Upanishad talks of endless crores of macrocosms i.e. universes and even in Jain texts and literature the concept of different universes, or Lokas, at great length can be seen. As per Hindu mythology, it is said that the universe is cyclically moving and it is believed that the Avatar Kalki, the last Avatar of Lord Vishnu will bring the end time of world events approximately in 432,000 years.

So, Right now at this very moment when you are here and reading this about multiple universes and mythological events related to it, uncountable universes are being born and dying and different Avatars like Lord Krishna and Rama are roaming around in parallel universes!  Also there might be another YOU is out there too!! Sounds cool, isn’t it?