The abberivation of the most common words

The abberivation of the most common words

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Every day we come across lot’s of brands name, words and terms and that name stays in our mind, But they are not actually just a name. they have a hidden meaning or say abbreviation. Well honestly we believe one should know the full form of what they are using or talking about in their day to day life.

Have a look below

1.) GOOGLE : Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth

2.) YAHOO : Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle .

3.) WINDOW : Wide Interactive Network Development for Office work Solution

4.) COMPUTER : Common Oriented Machine Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research.

5.) VIRUS : Vital Information Resources Under Siege .

6.) UMTS : Universal Mobile Telecommunications System .

7.) AMOLED : Active-matrix organic light- emitting diode

8.) OLED : Organic light-emitting diode

9.) IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity .

10.) ESN: Electronic Serial Number .

11.) UPS: uninterruptiblepower supply .

12. HDMI: High-DefinitionMultimedia Interface

13.) VPN: virtual private network

14.)APN: Access Point Name

15.) SIM: Subscriber Identity Module

16.) LED: Light emitting diode.

17.) DLNA: Digital Living Network Alliance

18.) RAM: Random access memory.

19.) ROM: Read only memory.

20.) VGA: Video Graphics Array

21.) QVGA: Quarter Video Graphics Array

22.) WVGA: Wide video graphics array.

23.) WXGA: Widescreen Extended Graphics Array

24.)USB: Universal serial Bus

25.) WLAN: Wireless Local Area Network

26.) PPI: Pixels Per Inch

27.) LCD: Liquid Crystal Display.

28.) HSDPA: High speed down-link packet access.

29.) HSUPA: High-Speed Uplink Packet Access

30.) HSPA: High Speed Packet Access

31.) GPRS: General Packet Radio Service

32.) EDGE: Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution

33.)NFC: Near field communication

34.) OTG: on-the-go

35.) S-LCD: Super Liquid Crystal Display

36.) O.S: Operating system.

37.) SNS: Social network service


39.) P.O.I: point of interest

40.)GPS: Global Positioning System

41.)DVD: Digital Video Disk

42.)DTP: Desk top publishing.

43.) DNSE: Digital natural sound engine .

44.) OVI: Ohio Video Intranet

45.)CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access

46.) WCDMA: Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access

47.)GSM: Global System for Mobile Communications

48.)WI-FI: Wireless Fidelity

49.) DIVX: Digital internet video access.

50.) .APK: authenticated public key.

51.) J2ME: java 2 micro edition

52.) SIS: installation source.

53.) DELL: Digital electronic link library.

54.)ACER: Acquisition Collaboration Experimentation Reflection

55.)RSS: Really simple syndication

56.) TFT: thin film transistor
57.) AMR: Adaptive Multi-Rate

58.) MPEG: moving pictures experts group

59.)Sony VAIO: VA stands for analog and IO represents Input Output or One Zero

60.)HP: Hewltt Packard

61.)TCS Tata Consultancy Services

62.)HCL Hindustan Computer Limited

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