The abberivation of the most common words

Full form

Every day we come across lot’s of brands name, words and terms and that name stays in our mind, But they are not actually just a name. they have a hidden meaning or say abbreviation. Well honestly we believe one should know the full form of what they are using or talking about in their day to day life.

Have a look below

1.) GOOGLE : Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth

2.) YAHOO : Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle .

3.) WINDOW : Wide Interactive Network Development for Office work Solution

4.) COMPUTER : Common Oriented Machine Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research.

5.) VIRUS : Vital Information Resources Under Siege .

6.) UMTS : Universal Mobile Telecommunications System .

7.) AMOLED : Active-matrix organic light- emitting diode

8.) OLED : Organic light-emitting diode

9.) IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity .

10.) ESN: Electronic Serial Number .

11.) UPS: uninterruptiblepower supply .

  1. HDMI: High-DefinitionMultimedia Interface

13.) VPN: virtual private network

14.)APN: Access Point Name

15.) SIM: Subscriber Identity Module

16.) LED: Light emitting diode.

17.) DLNA: Digital Living Network Alliance

18.) RAM: Random access memory.

19.) ROM: Read only memory.

20.) VGA: Video Graphics Array

21.) QVGA: Quarter Video Graphics Array

22.) WVGA: Wide video graphics array.

23.) WXGA: Widescreen Extended Graphics Array

24.)USB: Universal serial Bus

25.) WLAN: Wireless Local Area Network

26.) PPI: Pixels Per Inch

27.) LCD: Liquid Crystal Display.

28.) HSDPA: High speed down-link packet access.

29.) HSUPA: High-Speed Uplink Packet Access

30.) HSPA: High Speed Packet Access

31.) GPRS: General Packet Radio Service

32.) EDGE: Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution

33.)NFC: Near field communication

34.) OTG: on-the-go

35.) S-LCD: Super Liquid Crystal Display

36.) O.S: Operating system.

37.) SNS: Social network service


39.) P.O.I: point of interest

40.)GPS: Global Positioning System

41.)DVD: Digital Video Disk

42.)DTP: Desk top publishing.

43.) DNSE: Digital natural sound engine .

44.) OVI: Ohio Video Intranet

45.)CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access

46.) WCDMA: Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access

47.)GSM: Global System for Mobile Communications

48.)WI-FI: Wireless Fidelity

49.) DIVX: Digital internet video access.

50.) .APK: authenticated public key.

51.) J2ME: java 2 micro edition

52.) SIS: installation source.

53.) DELL: Digital electronic link library.

54.)ACER: Acquisition Collaboration Experimentation Reflection

55.)RSS: Really simple syndication

56.) TFT: thin film transistor
57.) AMR: Adaptive Multi-Rate

58.) MPEG: moving pictures experts group

59.)Sony VAIO: VA stands for analog and IO represents Input Output or One Zero

60.)HP: Hewltt Packard

61.)TCS Tata Consultancy Services

62.)HCL Hindustan Computer Limited