The Winged Lions

The Winged Lions

We all have seen the statue of winged lion’s statues many times in either movies or books, some people use it as logo or for branding. Ever wondered what winged lion actually is?

Here it goes.
The history of Iraq is very rich, One of the famous sculptures include The Lamassu or The Winged Lion.The Lamassu or less commonly referred to as Shedu or Alad, were ancient Assyrian and Sumerian protective deities.

LAMASSU lamassu The Winged Lions
The Lamassu were depicted as hybrids, human-headed, eagle winged, lions or bulls that once protected the cities of Mesopotamia. They were believed to be very powerful creatures as they had the intelligence of a human, freedom of an eagle and the strength of a lion.

Lamassu have been excavated at the sites of the Assyrian capitals established by both King Assurnasirpal II (reigned 883-859BC) And King Sargon II (reigned 721-705BC).
One can see the Lamassu at the Gates of All Nations at Persepolis in Iran, the British Museum in London, the Musée du Louvre in Paris, the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Oriental Institute, Chicago.  A winged bull with the head of a bearded man appears on the logo of the United States Forces – Iraq.

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