Why Hard disk drive partition starts with C?

5800 Why Hard disk drive partition starts with C?

It’s been so many years you are using computers but you never thought why hard disk partitions starts with letter C?

There is no sense why it start with C right?

Well, You can ask your parents for this, if they used computers in their teenage. Its all about sequence. In the earlier time there use to be a floppy disk if you have heard of. That used to be the primary and only disk for a computer and the drive allocation was named as “Drive A”.

Later on when computer technologies were evolved another drive , “Drive B” was created to use secondary floppy disk. After sometime hard disks were created so “Drive C” was allocated to that as A and B were still existing.Floppy-Disk-PNG-Image

People started having computers with Floppy disks and Hard disks together. Slowly when in 17 August 1982 Commercial Compact Disks (CD) were produced the driver allocation was planned to be kept in last. All the removable media (except Floppy) are allocated the alphabets which come right after you CD/DVD drive.

The sequence is –

  1. A, B – Floppy Disk,
  2. Hard Drive (all partitions counted separately),
  3. CD/DVD drive
  4. Virtual Drives
  5. Removable Media (Pen Drive and all)
  6.  other devices (Including USB modem etc)


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